If You Had Ten Million Dollars..

Imagine you have a choice: you can either take 10 million dollars - free - or you do not take it and continue on, living life as it is.

The majority - if not all - of humans would take it. After all, our world seems to run on money - you can do a lot of things with $10 million. I mean, when life gives you lemons, the most sensible thing to do is to buy a yacht.

I asked my close friend this question and she gave the obvious answer: yes. No hesitation. Then, she returned the favor and asked me.

I hesitated. Even though I’ve only been on this earth for so long, I’ve figured out that something is only valuable to me as long as I had worked for it. The moment something loses it’s challenge, when I no longer have to try very hard to even get close to succeeding, I lose value in it. It would become easy for me, so it nearly automatically goes from a glorified task to a “been there, done that.”

I don’t know why I function this way, but I do. In that moment, I realized that if I took ten million dollars for free, all of a sudden, a lot of what I had worked for before then would lose its glory. I would also be giving up any future endeavours towards becoming successful in our stereotypical business-success story.

It would all of a sudden become too easy. I would no longer have the challenge that I so desired.

I wouldn’t take the ten million dollars. Would you?